The Easy Request To Upgrade Starbucks Brownies

Don't get us wrong, Starbucks brownies are delicious on their own since they're rich and fudgy with extra chocolate chunks. However, you can take this simple treat up a notch by requesting a few additions the next time you order.

Transform your brownie into a decadent dessert by first asking the barista to toast it, making the chocolate chunks soft and gooey. This alone can elevate the experience, but if you're enjoying your brownie in-store, you can also request whipped cream and mocha drizzle. Restaurant-worthy, right? Even just a mocha drizzle can enhance those chocolate flavors, simultaneously increasing the gooey factor.

Alternatively, you can take your Starbucks brownie in a salted caramel direction by asking for sea salt sprinkles and caramel drizzle. A crème brûlée topping can add a flaky crunch as well, while also enhancing the caramel flavors. Truly, the only downside to these brownie upgrades is that they might not travel home as well, so it's probably best to eat your sweet treat immediately for the tastiest results.

Add a Starbucks brownie to other menu items

Rather than upgrading a Starbucks brownie with various toppings, you can also use the same brownie to enhance other common menu items. For instance, consider ordering a cup of oatmeal and a toasted brownie. Break the brownie into smaller pieces and mix them into your oatmeal for a chocolatey treat.

If you'd prefer a drink, opt for ordering a Frappuccino — mocha, java chip, or caramel Frappuccinos would make tasty pairings — alongside your brownie. Again, break up the brownie and add chunks to your drink for extra flavor and texture. Salted caramel brownie Frappuccino? Yes, please.

A toasted brownie can also be a delicious addition to the secret menu "Brownie Drink." Order an iced shaken espresso with one less shot, plus extra mocha sauce and optional cold foam. This drink already tastes like a brownie in a cup, but adding brownie chunks can make it even better.

Ways to upgrade your own brownies at home

Should you decide to make your own copycat Starbucks brownies at home (or any brownies, for that matter), you can easily upgrade them with a simple ingredient or two. A spicy secret ingredient that elevates brownies is minced or powdered chiles mixed into the batter. Alternatively, you could add chiles to a chocolate drizzle to top off your brownies — and this trick can be used with a ready-made Starbucks brownie, too.

Another fun way to transform a basic brownie recipe is with ground espresso. You can use whatever you have on hand, or you can add a bit of Starbucks flavor with the chain's own instant coffee. As you can imagine, the amount of espresso can be adjusted to personal preference, somewhere between a quarter cup and half cup depending on how strong you'd like the flavor to be. A dash of espresso can also enhance a chocolate drizzle or frosting. Just like that, you've got the perfect snack to pair with your evening cup of coffee.