The Cheesecake Factory Ordering Trick For Brown Bread Lovers

It can be seriously hard to decide what to order at Cheesecake Factory. The restaurant's book-length menu has over 250 entries, and at any given time, there are 30 or more different cheesecakes to choose from. While cheesecakes are its specialty, and huge servings of pasta, burgers, flatbreads, and seafood are its draw, it's the complimentary bread basket that is a fan favorite. Specifically, it's the self-described brown bread that people just can't get enough of, which makes dining there particularly satisfying — the free bread keeps on coming throughout the entire meal.

Served at your table as soft mini baguettes or rolls, Cheesecake Factory's brown bread secret ingredients are no longer quite so secret anymore now that the brand's popular bread is sold pre-packaged in stores. Made from whole wheat flour topped with oats, the bread gets its namesake dark brown color from the addition of rye flour, barley, and caramel color, along with brown sugar and molasses, which make it deliciously sweet. Slather on the butter, and you end up with a sweet and salty gift that just keeps on giving.

While we know that there's a lot of marketing magic behind the science of how free restaurant bread tricks your brain, let's be frank ... with something that tastes this good, we just don't care. Waiter, can we get a refill, please? But here's another trick we recommend taking advantage of ASAP — you can order most any sandwich at Cheesecake Factory made on brown bread.

The ultimate Cheesecake Factory sandwich ordering hack

Knowing that you can make this substitution is a game changer. Cheesecake Factory's sandwiches, like the classic club with roasted turkey as well as the grilled chicken and avocado club, can both get this major upgrade. Ask for it instead of grilled brioche on the chicken-almond sandwich, or turn the already amazing Cuban sandwich of pork, ham, pickles, and Swiss cheese into a masterpiece with the simple bread swap. Fancy a turkey sandwich? Make it even fancier by tricking it out with brown bread.

This ordering hack can be applied to the restaurant's "glamburgers" as well. Sesame seed buns are fine, but you can have those just about anywhere. Cheesecake Factory is the only place where this crave-worthy brown bread can take your burger from okay to awesome — and there are over a dozen to choose from. Those that would especially benefit from a brown bread boost include the old fashioned and classic chop house burgers, as well as the Americana cheeseburger (with American and cheddar, potato crisps, grilled onions, pickles, and secret sauce) and the bacon-bacon (with both crispy and thick-cut smoked bacon).

Even vegetarians and vegans can get in on the action with either the housemade veggie or Impossible burgers. Our money, however, is on the macaroni and cheese burger, which is charbroiled and topped with fried mac and cheese balls. Slap that sucker on brown bread, and you will have just entered brown bread burger heaven.

Make meals better with brown bread at home

Cheesecake Factory made brown bread lovers' dreams come true in 2018 when it started selling its signature product available to take home. Now available to purchase from the franchise's online store as well as directly from many major grocery stores, there's basically no logical reason to not eat it with everything.

It's available in three varieties. The wheat dinner rolls come in a pack of eight, as delightful when served with a salad as they are with a steak. You can also buy the mini baguettes that come in a handy two-pack. Both are meant to be heated for five minutes in a 350-degree Fahrenheit oven for the best results. What's even more exciting is that the bread is also available as an entire sliced loaf — each slice sprinkled with that incredible crispy oat topping.

This opens up a world of options. You can make all of your favorite sandwiches just the way you like them at home — but even better than ever on brown bread. Whether you're craving something savory or sweet, brown bread goes well with nearly everything. From tuna fish to peanut butter and jelly, your sandwich is sure to be extra tasty. We're thinking of starting with a grilled cheese and following up with a BLT. As for the baguettes, you really can't go wrong with a classic submarine, a Vietnamese-style bánh mì, or a Caprese sandwich of mozzarella, tomato, and basil.