Repurpose Ice Cube Molds For The Ultimate Hot Chocolate Bomb

If you're a home bartender who owns semi-circle silicone molds for making spherical ice cubes, you should know that these unique tools can be used for more than cocktails. How about making your own shortcuts to delicious hot cocoa? A round ice cube mold can be used to create homemade hot chocolate bombs, those little spheres of chocolate — sometimes with goodies like sprinkles or marshmallows inside — that are dropped into hot liquid to make an instant drink.

While these "bombs" can be purchased in a wide range of flavors, you can save money and craft a drink that's just for you by going DIY. First, brush the inside of your half-circle molds with your choice of chocolate –- white, milk, dark, mint-flavored, etc. You can even add coloring to white chocolate for a stunning visual effect. Leave the molds to set in the fridge for several minutes, then apply a second coat of chocolate to reinforce the hot chocolate bombs' structure. 

Once hardened, each half-sphere of chocolate can be gently removed from the molds. Make sure the rims of each half-sphere are flat and even, to allow for seamless assembly. You can pour mini marshmallows, crushed candy canes, extra hot cocoa mix, and other goodies into one half of each hot chocolate bomb. Finally, gently warm the edges of each half-sphere by placing them on a warm plate or skillet, then press the halves together to form spheres. As the chocolate hardens again, it will seal itself. 

Use the same ice cube molds to make melting chocolate globes

Once you get the hang of basic hot chocolate bombs, try finishing off your treats with a drizzle of chocolate or caramel. You can then add sprinkles or sea salt on top. No matter how you customize them, store the bombs in an airtight container in the fridge. We normally don't recommend refrigerating chocolate, but your hot chocolate bombs are going to completely melt in your mug, eliminating any changes in texture.

You can use your silicone ice molds to make other tempting chocolate treats, as well. Have you ever seen one of those fancy chocolate ball desserts served in a classy restaurant? A round shell of hard chocolate is melted by pouring hot liquid over top, revealing a dessert housed inside. It make look complicated, but you can use a spherical ice cube mold and tempered chocolate to recreate these dishes. 

To try it, brush the inside of each mold with chocolate and allow it to set, repeating as needed to make the spheres solid enough. Remove each half-sphere and use a hot plate to flatten their rims. You can then put fruits, brownies, cookies, or ice cream on a plate and set a half-sphere of chocolate on top. Or, add your fillings to one half-sphere and then seal another over top, like you would with hot chocolate bombs. When it's time to serve, drizzle the globe with hot fudge or caramel so it melts beautifully.

Make mini lava cakes with your silicone ice cube mold

Staying on the chocolate theme, silicone ice cube molds can also be used to make your very own mini lava cakes. To start, mix up your favorite chocolate cake batter, whether it's from a box mix or from scratch. For inspiration on how to make your cake spectacular, try using different ingredients to change up the flavor or texture. Next, pour the batter into each ice cube mold, leaving a little bit of room at the top of each mold for the cake to expand when baked. It should go without saying that you'll want to use oven-safe molds for this recipe.

Next, put the molds in the oven and bake until you can cleanly remove a toothpick from each miniature half-cake. Once the cakes have cooled, carefully level the top of each sphere by cutting off excess cake to form a flat surface. Carve a small indentation into the flat side of each half-sphere to make room for the molten filling. Pour chocolate ganache or caramel into one half of the sphere, then seal the two halves together using melted chocolate or frosting. If you'd like, you can also cover the outside of each sphere with chocolate or other decorations. Serve your adorable round lava cakes on their own or alongside ice cream.