The Ice Cube Tray Hack That Makes Freezing Stock Easier Than Ever

When it comes to small things that make a person feel like a responsible adult, learning to freeze soup is high on the list. Once you make a simple stock, hardly any extra effort needs to be made to store some of it in the freezer, but it feels like a total life-saver later on when you are in midst of a busy week at work and don't have the time to cook — or when you catch a cold and need an easy restorative meal. 

But, whether you are already in the habit of freezing stock or you are ready to start, you are going to want to try using the ice cube tray hack.

This trick brings new life to your ordinary ice cube tray by swapping out water in place of your favorite stock or soup. You'll find that the individual compartments of the tray are perfect for portioning out your soup so that it is ready to go whenever you are.

Using your ice cube tray for the perfect frozen stock

The ice cube tray hack is ideal for storing a classic, clear vegetable stock or bone broth, but it also works well with hearty soups stuffed with vegetables, herbs, legumes, and grains. Either way, one of the easiest ways to take advantage of this trick is to double the quantity of soup that you would normally prepare. This way you can enjoy some right away and save the rest for later. If stored properly, your soup should last about three months in the freezer. 

First, let the liquid cool to room temperature. Next, pour it into the ice cube tray, making sure not to overfill the individual compartments. (This will allow you to easily pop them out into separate pieces when desired.) Store these in the freezer overnight, until frozen solid. Finally, transfer them to a reusable airtight container and keep this in the freezer until you are ready to reheat your soup.

Make the most of your ice cube tray

When it comes to freezing stock, any ice cube tray will do, but you'll find that some are more efficient for portioning soup as you like it. If your ice cube tray makes enormous portions, you may only need one or two to fill a bowl, while other trays with smaller compartments may require you to thaw a half dozen or more cubes of frozen stock for a full serving.

You can leverage your ice cube trays in many ways to use the stock to improve other drinks or dishes. A little stock can flavor a bowl of rice or noodles for a quick meal, or you can even try adding broth to cocktails. When your tray isn't filled with stock, it can also be used to freeze individual ingredients for preparing soup, such as garlic, parsley, or lemon, so that you are always ready to make more.