Why Trader Joe's Sourdough Bread Is A Customer Favorite

Springy texture, gently tangy, pleasantly chewy — Trader Joe's sourdough loaf remains a favorite among shoppers. The versatile sandwich bread is a blank canvas for grilled cheese enthusiasts and fancy toast creators. The soft bread holds up against soggy sandwich fillings and caramelizes evenly when exposed to heat.

As a result, the Trader Joe's item attracts fans from across the internet. Its charm is in its subtlety. Unlike some highly fermented options, this grocery store version is mild in flavor and enjoyably wheaty. And, because sourdough is made via fermentation, it might be easier to digest (per Medical News Today).

Though the tart loaf is sometimes hard to track down depending on where you live and the ebb and flow of its suppliers, shoppers are quick to brag when they spot their favorite product. Over the years, TJ's has boasted multiple iterations of the loaf, including sprouted wheat sourdough bread, sourdough sandwich bread, and San Francisco-style sourdough bread. We recommend trying whichever type you can find — and studying up to find the best cheeses at Trader Joe's to pair with it.

Shoppers make superior sandwiches

Recipe creator on TikTok, jzeats, paired the sourdough sandwich bread with tomatoes, basil, and the brand's garlic spread. "The chokehold that Trader Joe's sourdough has on me is real," she wrote on TikTok. Fans of the brand were quick to agree in the comments, who described it as the "best bread ever."


The chokehold that Trader Joe's sourdough has on me is real #traderjoesrecipes #garlicspread #toastrecipe #traderjoeslist

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Others were more effusive in their love for the San Francisco-style loaf. Creator @itsramilduran went so far as to name it the "key" to her sandwiches, explaining that while the inside is soft, the outside "toasts so well." She demonstrated its durable texture and golden hue in a recipe for avocado toast — though others prefer to use the ingredient for sweet snacks like peanut butter and banana toast.

The most common use for the slices is in grilled cheeses, which inspires endless creativity among home cooks — add a smear of hummus, layer on some caramelized onions, or experiment with a bit of coarsely ground mustard. TikTok's @ambitiouskitchen divided the internet with her decision to accompany melted cheese with savory-sweet layers of arugula, pickled jalapeños, potato chips, and Honeycrisp apples. Her choice of TJ's bread, however, was widely accepted.

Making the most of your sourdough loaf

A smart tip to maximize your Trader Joe's sourdough bread is to slice and freeze it. The store's fans say this is the best way to keep sourdough fresh longer, and, some argue, yields a better bite. "We always have a loaf in the freezer," wrote one Reddit user. "I actually think it makes it better lol. Somehow keeps it from over-crisping in the toaster."

If you're too late and find yourself with stale slices, there's an easy solution. Cube the remaining bread and toss it with olive oil. Spread the pieces on a tray and toast them in the oven to make croutons. Mix with bacon, tomatoes, and salad greens for a BLT-inspired salad.

And make sure to save any odds and ends from your loaf since they're the secret to making a gooey breakfast strata. The savory bread pudding bakes into an eggy, creamy breakfast that takes advantage of the sourdough's springy texture. If your sweet tooth gets the better of you, make a French toast casserole instead. Or, hang up your apron and head to TJ's freezer section to test out its newest buzzy carb, the frozen pretzel bread pudding.