The Most Irresistible Mixer Pairings For Salted Caramel Whiskey

Just as musicians make albums full of Christmas songs for the holidays, distillers sometimes create liquors and whiskeys with a special seasonal twist. One of the most popular holiday whiskey trends in recent years is salted caramel whiskey, a new wintertime favorite that infuses the grain-based liquor with a delicious salty-sweet and caramelized flavor combination.

These specialty whiskeys — which are now made by dozens of distilleries – are delightful as standalone sippers, but they're also a knockout in cocktails and mixed drinks, providing a warm, sweet, and comforting effect that's perfect for the cold season. Examples include Crown Royal's decadent Salted Caramel White Russian that uses its own Salted Caramel label, and other takes on cocktail classics like a salted caramel martini or salted caramel Old Fashioned.

If you prefer to just combine your whiskey with a complementary mixer and call it a day, several pairings for salted caramel whiskey have already emerged as seasonal favorites, including Dr. Pepper, Coca-Cola, ginger ale, and ginger beer (for those who like to give their Moscow Mules a seasonal salted caramel makeover). We've found five more mixers that we think are even more irresistible when combined with this boozy seasonal treat.


Eggnog spiked with booze is an old holiday staple, from a regular cup with a shot of vodka to Mexico's beloved version rum-spiked rompope, which dates back to the 17th century. To dress up your favorite spiked holiday drink even further, it's hard to imagine two ingredients that are as perfect together as salted caramel whiskey and creamy eggnog. The sweet and caramel-forward whiskey adds even more warmth and richness. Add a cinnamon stick for a garnish, and you'll have given yourself the gift of a delicious holiday drinking experience.

Cream soda

A cream soda's fizzy flavors of vanilla and caramelized honey blend beautifully with the salty-sweet caramel notes of your whiskey of choice. To keep the flavors balanced, try using a four-to-one ratio when mixing these drinks, with four ounces of cream soda served over ice combined with one ounce of salted caramel whiskey. No garnishes are needed, but an extra sprinkling of sea salt is a nice touch, as it only intensifies the soda's effervescent qualities and provides a contrast to the sweetness.

Hot chocolate

Nothing warms you up during the seasonal chill like a big cup of hot chocolate, perhaps with a few marshmallows thrown in for an added bit of melty sweetness. Hot cocoa becomes even more irresistible with an ounce or so of salted caramel whiskey stirred in. Try adding a whipped cream topping to dress up this drink and make it fancy enough to serve at a dinner party, and a few extra shakes of cocoa powder add a touch of winter festivity.

Root beer

The root beer float is a classic family-style treat for any time of year, but at holiday gatherings with a few adults present, a boozy version might be just what your guests need. With a scoop of ice cream or without, it's wonderful to enjoy salted caramel whiskey mixed with refreshing root beer over ice. These two complement one another wonderfully, with the whiskey's caramelly flavors harmonizing with the root beer's herbal wintergreen sweetness. Even if you're not crazy about desserts, make no mistake: This mixed drink is always more special with vanilla ice cream.


Like eggnog, coffee has long been a favored partner for liquor to make a nice alcoholic nightcap. Irish coffee is probably the best example, and its basic template — coffee-laced whiskey with whipped cream on top — can easily be updated with a salted caramel twist. Since salted caramel whiskey is a bit sweeter, you might want to leave out extra sweeteners like sugar, though if you're really in the mood for something decadent, a few shaved chocolate curls on top of the whipped cream will make this whiskey-infused sipper even better.