The Green Juice Martha Stewart Drinks Every Single Morning

We all have our go-to morning routines, whether it's making coffee and toast, a bowl of fruit, or eggs and bacon. Perhaps you're the oatmeal type, the same breakfast Ina Garten eats every day. Or, maybe you're more like Martha Stewart, who opts for an invigorating green juice to start things off each morning. In fact, Stewart has been drinking a daily amount of 6 ounces of this same green juice for years. 

She revealed in an Instagram video that she makes fresh juice every day, and she even attributes her glowing skin and thick hair to the benefits of the beverage — which she considers to be part of her "daily beauty routine."

Stewart's special mix starts with celery (she notes in the video that you should use the vegetable's nutritious leaves along with its stalk). Stewart also adds refreshing whole cucumbers that are high in water content and contribute to the drink's pleasing texture. Next comes parsley, which gives an earthy, herbal pungency. 

For a touch of tropical and tangy sweetness, Stewart adds her favorite, pineapple (peel and all), followed by a knob of spicy ginger root. She adds tart citrus fruits too — lemon, orange, or both — also with their peels. There's also fresh and cooling mint leaves and two different kinds of spinach ... a lot of it. Unlike many bitter greens, spinach is mild and slightly sweet. Blend it all together for "green juice a la Martha."

Use what's in season for the freshest green juice

Martha Stewart makes her green juice using organically grown produce, a lot of which she grows herself. Her garden supplies the cucumbers, parsley, and varieties of spinach for her daily drink; in the winter, she has a greenhouse that keeps the fresh vegetables coming, too.

A go-to winter green juice can include cold weather crops like kale — although Stewart admits she doesn't like how the leafy veggie tastes in drinks, preferring it sauteed or in salads. Along with kale she also doesn't use cabbage, because she likes juices that are not too thick, and she doesn't make them with anything that tends to cause burping (both are in the Brassica family and notorious for causing gas).

Stewart also recommends a really good juicer for the best results. She uses a top-of-the-line model by Breville, but realistically, any high-powered juicer or blender will do. One significant difference between a juicer and a blender (Vitamix, for example), is that with a blender you get the entire fruit or vegetable, whereas with a juicer, the pulp is removed. This not only makes a difference in the drink's texture, but it also affects the fiber content. A juiced beverage will be a thinner liquid, while a blended one will be more like a smoothie and contain more dietary fiber.

Go beyond spinach or kale for variety

The great thing about green juice is that you can put whatever you have on hand into the mix. Martha Stewart varies her daily concoction with what's fresh in her refrigerator or ripe in her garden. What's important to her — aside from enjoying the taste — is how these drinks make her feel. On her website, she mentions that her favorite combo of Anjou pears, celery, English cucumbers, ginger, oranges, and parsley is the perfect drink that "recharges her batteries."

You can add spinach or kale (just don't tell Martha) to boost the nutrients, or switch up the flavors with apples instead of pears, and add exotic fruits like papaya or kiwi. You can also experiment with other leafy greens like romaine lettuce, bok choy, chard, dandelion, or collard greens, as well as the tops from beets, carrots, or fennel.

Whole vegetables like broccoli, asparagus, and zucchini can also be added to juice, while herbs like cilantro, basil, and dill can create entirely new flavors. If you're not used to the taste of savory drinks, try including sweet vegetables like carrots or fruits like banana and mango to help to take the edge off since they can balance any natural bitterness.