How To Store Fudge To Keep It Moist Through The Holidays

Whether you enjoy making holiday gifts in the kitchen to share with friends and family or are looking for something sweet to serve after a meal, this is fudge season. Unlike holiday cookies that can go stale in a matter of days, fudge can last for months (if you hide it). Thick and rich, a tray of fudge goes a long way towards making many people happy. The indulgent dessert can be made in the microwave like Alton Brown or purchased at your favorite confectionery. Just a nibble is all you need to satisfy a sweet tooth, and the ingredient combinations are endless. Regardless of the flavor or topping, a creamy texture is desired in all recipes, from chunky rocky road to minty mojito fudge.

To preserve the texture, color, and flavor of the fudge and keep it moist throughout all your holiday entertaining (because nobody wants dried-out fudge), it's vital to store the treat properly. Whether you need to store it for a day or a month, the fudge should be wrapped airtight to minimize exposure to air and other odors. Although fudge is traditionally made with dairy, its high quantity of sugar prevents bacterial growth and keeps it shelf-stable for up to two weeks. If you don't need to store the fudge for longer, keeping it properly wrapped at room temperature in a dark pantry is ideal to maintain its moisture and texture.

Storing fudge long-term

This temperamental candy is sensitive to temperature, so avoid storing fudge in a warm location near the stove or on top of the refrigerator, where it will melt. Place the fudge in an airtight container and separate the layers with wax paper so the pieces don't stick. Avoid storing fudge long-term in cellophane bags or tins, which aren't airtight and can dry out the fudge. Just transfer the candy to your preferred container when you're ready to gift it.

If your home is warm, fudge can be put into the refrigerator, but only if necessary. The fridge's environment is drying, so the fudge's texture will change and harden. If the candy isn't stored airtight, the medley of odors that live in the fridge can be absorbed (and nobody wants salmon-flavored fudge). For lengthier storage, it's best to keep the fudge in the freezer. When storing fudge in the fridge or freezer, wrap each piece in plastic wrap to minimize its exposure to air, then add a layer of aluminum foil as insurance. Place the double-wrapped fudge in an airtight baggie, press out any excess air, and store it in the refrigerator for up to three weeks or the freezer for up to three months. If you are going to eat or gift the entire tray of fudge, we suggest freezing it whole so that less surface area is exposed. Once thawed, the candy can then be cut into small servings. Happy Holidays!