How To Order Starbucks' Secret Menu Starburst Frappuccino

The Starbucks secret menu — a term for an entire canon of fan-invented custom drinks — includes all sorts of social media-famous treats, from Frappuccinos inspired by popular movies to lattes that mimic the flavors of different candies. One such drink is the Starburst Frappuccino, which is said to taste just like a strawberry Starburst candy.


Ask for a creme base frap sub heavy cream, add dragon inclusions and peach juice. Whip on bottom and top of cup. Dragon inclusion dust on top. @starbucks #starbuckscreations #starbuckssecretmenu #starbucksemployee #starbuckschallenge #starbuckslifehacks let me know if you try it!

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Being that this drink is not official and has gained widespread attention on social media, the formula for the Starburst Frappuccino has a few variations. TikTok creator @stellamaryanne, who calls the drink the Stardust Frappuccino, says to ask your barista for a creme-base Frappuccino with a heavy cream substitution. Next, ask them to add peach juice and dragon fruit, with whipped cream at the bottom and top of the cup.

Alternatively, you can order a raspberry version by first requesting lemonade combined with a Frappuccino creme base, plus raspberry and vanilla syrups, blended together with ice and whipped cream.  For a drink that tastes more like strawberry –- you know, the actual flavor of the pink Starburst –- you could ask your barista to add strawberry puree along with or in place of the raspberry syrup. Either way, this drink is sure to be a super sweet treat for candy lovers.

Remember your secret menu manners when ordering

Because secret menu drinks aren't from the official Starbucks menu, it's important that you use your manners while ordering. One etiquette rule you shouldn't break when ordering from the secret menu is trying to order when the store is busy. Secret menu items can take a couple minutes to fully explain to your barista, not to mention they can be elaborate to make, and the staff simply doesn't have that time when there's a long line. Likewise, you shouldn't expect baristas to know the name of your drink or what's in it if you ask for something like the Starburst Frappuccino with no further elaboration. Don't ask for the drink by name; just order it as a custom drink in the clearest way possible.

To make your barista's life a little easier, you should also use Starbucks' drink ordering code. This code helps baristas keep a rhythm, as well as remember your order while making it. So, when ordering the aforementioned dragon fruit Starburst Frappuccino, your might say your order like this: "Tall, heavy cream, creme Frappuccino, with peach juice and dragon fruit inclusions. Whipped cream at the top and bottom of the cup." And as always, be sure to say please and thank you.

Turn the Starbucks Pink Drink into a Starburst dream

If you love pink Starburst, but a Frappuccino is a bit heavy for you, the Starbucks secret menu also has another, lighter drink inspired by the candy. This custom beverage starts with the Starbucks Pink Drink, which includes coconut milk, passionfruit, strawberries, and acai. Ask your barista to add vanilla bean powder and a splash of lemonade. This much simpler drink has a lighter mouthfeel while still delivering on fruit flavor. A different variation of this drink also starts with the Pink Drink, but adds vanilla and white mocha syrups.

If you'd like to forgo any kind of milk in your drink, you can also order a refreshing lemonade-based Starburst drink with a burst of strawberry flavor. Simply order a lemonade with raspberry syrup, topped with a strawberry acai base. Alternatively, for more of a strawberry punch, you could order a Strawberry Acai Refresher off the regular menu and ask for raspberry syrup to be added as well. You can also order the drink with or without ice, depending on personal preference. Either way, it will be delicious.