How To Doctor Up V8 Tomato Juice For A Stunning Flavor Boost

While it is not the end-all solution to enjoying the bountiful vitamins and minerals found in fruits and vegetables, V8 tomato juice has long been deemed one of the more nutritious options in the crowded supermarket juice aisle. This is especially true for people who are on the go and are challenged with the daily task of chomping on whole produce.

But drinking a simple glass of V8's original tomato juice, day in and out, might seem blasé — particularly if tomatoes, by themselves, are not pleasing to your palate. The great news: The original tomato juice variety of V8 actually functions as a versatile base for concocting several different drinks. Depending on your particular tastes — from mild to flaming hot — there are a number of spices, some uncommon, that pair well with V8's original drink. The possibilities include ajwain, basil, black pepper, chili powder, cumin, oregano, and za'atar. Simply pour your drink, whisk in your spices of choice, and enjoy as-is. 

Want to really shake things up? V8 tomato juice can be intermingled with an assortment of ingredients, meaning it can be a perfect complement to many tasty drinks. Cocktails, such as Bloody Marys and the Mexican drink michelada, are examples — and any corresponding mocktails. It also works well in different smoothie recipes to balance out sweetness with umami goodness.

Swap tomato juice for V-8 in your favorite cocktails

Mexico has many delicious aspects baked into its culture — including savory, flavorful foods and drinks that leave a lasting impact on the taste buds. As it turns out, V8's original tomato juice is a great ingredient for the michelada, a popular alcoholic beverage in Mexico.

While there are different variations, at its base, micheladas consist of tomato juice, spices, and hot sauce. The key ingredient that gives it a true south-of-the-border flavor is Mexican beer. For a traditional take on a michelada, add a dash of chili powder, lime juice, salt, soy sauce, and Worcestershire sauce to your beer-and-V8 combo.

Similar to a Bloody Mary in the U.S., a michelada has long been deemed an ideal drink at brunch and the perfect cure for a hangover. In fact, micheladas and Bloody Marys have similar ingredients and flavor profiles, with Mexican beer in a michelada replacing the vodka in a Bloody Mary.

As for the Bloody Mary, its ingredient list is flexible enough that it can be served up with or without alcohol. It has long been a popular beverage in the U.S., in part because it is so flavorful. It's also easy to make! Present it with a celery stick, Worcestershire sauce, and different spices to give it a little extra kick. A shot of vodka will turn a Bloody Mary into a great alcoholic drink.

Mix V8 into a sweet smoothie

V8's original tomato juice drink also works well mixed into a fresh smoothie. When blended with other fruits and vegetables, a smoothie infused with V8 can pack a potent punch in a person's daily dietary regimen with a quick, nutritious pick-me-up at any time of the day. It's got a surprising two grams of protein and a whopping amount of vitamin C — 80% of your daily needs. Add to that 20% of vitamin A and 10% of potassium daily values, and you've got a well-rounded drink.

The original tomato juice drink is an ideal complement to an assortment of garden variety greens. Avocado, broccoli, kale, parsley, romaine lettuce, spinach, and sprouts are just a few examples of produce that can be paired with a V8 juice drink for a savory, balanced drink.

Smoothies, of course, are frequently known for their sweetness. A V8-powered smoothie can include a number of fruits and some natural sweeteners alongside the tomato juice base for a satisfying zing. Consider incorporating apples, bananas, and dates into a smoothie, alongside V8. To make a drink even sweeter, honey, agave, or maple syrup can be added for an extra kick.