What Happens After A SodaStream Bottle Expires

For those who prefer sparkling water to still, or want to make their own soda at home and reduce food packaging waste, a SodaStream machine can be a worthy investment. This machine uses carbon dioxide canisters to inject bubbles into water and transform it into a pleasantly fizzy beverage. This carbonated water is held in a plastic bottle that comes with the machine.

It's evident to any SodaStream owner that the canisters of gas that fuel the machine must be replaced when they run out. However, it's less well-known that the refillable bottle also has an expiration date. The SodaStream company says that the plastic bottles for your model should be retired after four years. After that time, wear and tear on the bottle can make continued use physically dangerous. A SodaStream machine makes water bubbly by transferring carbon dioxide into the bottle from a high pressure cylinder of gas. As time passes, a bottle can become scratched, cracked, or otherwise damaged, at which point it is possible for the pressure of the bubbles to cause the bottle to explode.

How to care for your SodaStream bottle

SodaStream users can find a bottle's expiration date printed on the bottle itself. To keep your bottle in good shape for several years, make sure to regularly clean it according to its specific care instructions. Some bottles can be run through the dishwasher, while others are hand-wash only. Make sure to keep it out of the freezer and away from sources of high heat.

Once a SodaStream bottle has passed its expiration date, it can be reused or recycled. So long as there aren't any cracks in the plastic, it can safely store regular tap water or other non-carbonated liquids. Taking good care of your water bottle not only ensures that you maximize its use before its the expiration date. It also minimizes the environmental impact of your water intake by keeping single-use plastics out of landfills and waterways. 

It's notable that SodaStream also pairs glass carafes with some of its machines, and these can be used indefinitely, so long as you're careful and don't crack or otherwise damage them. If you have a machine with a glass bottle, it's wise to still inspect the carafe for any scratches or cracks each time you use it.

Unexpected uses for carbonated water

Make the most of your SodaStream machine by experimenting with some of the more unusual ways to use sparkling water. Beyond providing you with soda water in a flash, and helping you to avoid 'forever chemicals' found in several leading brands of carbonated water, a SodaStream can improve your cooking and baking. The addition of sparkling water to a recipe makes for fluffy baked goods and improves the rise of gluten-free bread.

Some SodaStream owners have also attempted to use the machine for homemade sparkling wine, known colloquially as Ohio champagne, but the company does not recommend applying its carbonation technology to any liquids other than water. Just like following the expiration dates for your bottles, this advice helps keep your machine running correctly with no risk of explosions or other malfunctions. Instead, use the SodaSteam to carbonate your water as instructed, then mix with other beverages or ingredients for added flavor.