Rehydrate Chips For The Dreamiest Mashed Potato Puree

Mashed potatoes may be the most versatile and beloved side dish on the plate. They complement saucy stews, roasts, and steakhouse-caliber chops with their creamy texture. While traditionally prepared mashed potatoes involve boiling potatoes until tender, mashing them into a puree, and whipping them with milk and butter, there's a dreamy food hack mashed potato lovers should try at least once.

"Chopped" judge Chris Santos shared Alex Guarnaschelli's 'recipe' for mashed potatoes using potato chips with Tasting Table, calling her mashed potato hack "f***ing cool" and the "most delicious potato puree" he has ever had. Potato chips are deep-fried thinly cut potato slices, so this hack reverse engineers the salty crisps into a creamy mashed potato puree by rehydrating them with heavy cream.

Guarnaschelli used Pringles during the competition, but any brand or flavor can be used for the dish. Simply reconstitute potato chips in simmering cream until the chips break down and absorb the cream, then blend the mixture until smooth. Since potato chips are well seasoned, the dish shouldn't need additional salt.

This recipe begs to be tried with a host of potato chip flavors. Popular options like cheddar sour cream, sour cream and onion, and dill are great options — but don't forget the artisan varieties from brands like Patatas Torres, which include black truffle, foie gras, Iberico ham, and Mediterranean herbs.

Additional mashed potato short cuts

While we are big fans of traditionally prepared mashed potatoes, sometimes you lack time or energy. Luckily, there are shortcuts you can use to whip up a bowl of creamy mashed potatoes quickly in less time than it takes the leftover beef stew to thaw in the microwave. And celebrity chefs approve.

Ina Garten is not afraid to serve store-bought ingredients. For a stress-free Thanksgiving, Garten loves to doctor up store-bought mashed potatoes with parmesan and sour cream to make them taste homemade. How easy is that?

Since boiling the potatoes is the most time-consuming step of the recipe, starting with cooked potatoes saves you a lot of prep time. The canned food aisle has peeled, cooked, and diced potatoes that enable you to make mashed potatoes in minutes. Simply drain them before mashing or ricing, and keep in mind that manufacturers often add salt, so taste them before seasoning. The frozen food aisle also carries potatoes that only need to be defrosted before being transformed with butter and cream into a tasty side dish. 

Whichever shortcut works for you, you may want to keep a box of potato flakes on hand. Not only can you make mashed potatoes in a pinch, but this pantry staple can fix thin mashed potatoes, making them fluffy and creamy. 

Use potato chips in these recipes too

Potato chips can be the secret ingredient you need to elevate other dishes. Fans of "The Bear" will remember Sydney using potato chips for an omelet she prepared for Sugar in season two. A Boursin cheese-filled omelet was dusted with crushed sour cream and onion potato chips that had the internet in an uproar.

Tortilla Española, a Spanish potato and onion omelet, can be made quickly using potato chips. Add potato chips to the beaten egg mixture instead of slicing and frying the potatoes. As the tortilla bakes, the potato chips soften, creating layers of tender potato slices throughout the dish.

Crushed potato chips can garnish any dish that can use an umami element. Add them as a topping for burgers, mac 'n cheese, or double down by adding them to potato salad. Try using them to bread chicken fingers; kids (and adults) will adore them — and you for making the dish.

Potato chips also work well with sweets. Add crushed potato chips to chocolate chip cookie dough for a sweet and savory dessert. The snack food adds a salty element to the classic sweet and creates crispy cookies that still have a snap months later after defrosting leftovers stashed in the freezer. We can't resist potato chips.