Skip The Water To Get Your Starbucks Iced Tea At Full Strength

As far as first-world problems go, there's nothing worse than a watered-down drink. Starbucks customers, naturally, have tried every trick in the book to avoid this atrocity, asking baristas to hold the water and ice when making their drinks. While the iced tea is technically brewed at double-strength, there's nothing wrong with getting a nice, strong cup of (iced) tea.

For instance, if you want a stronger tea, you can request your drink with "no water," and instead receive the premade, non-diluted version. Just for comparison, Starbucks' shaken iced teas are made with a one-to-one ratio of tea and water, and the added ice will only continue to dilute the drink over time. Therefore, asking for "no water" can double the strength of your drink (and the caffeine). What's more, unlike other Starbucks mobile order drinks, iced teas can be customized in the app or online to not include ice or water.

Despite the confusion in early 2023, Starbucks' $1 upcharge for "no water" only applies to its Refreshers, so you should be in the clear to order your tea at double strength. You may, however, be charged if you customize a Refresher with tea and then ask for no water.

Drink still too watered down? Skip the ice

Another way to prevent your Starbucks drink from getting too watered down is to ask for light ice or no ice at all. This hack also came under attack in early 2023, with a Starbucks employee inadvertently starting a rumor that customers would be charged for the request, as less ice in a drink means more of that beverage's base gets used. In turn, charging customers extra could theoretically help offset ingredient costs or otherwise discourage such requests. Just to clarify — this isn't true. You can get no or less ice without an additional charge.

If you'd still like ice but would like to control how much is added, your best bet is to ask for a certain number of ice cubes. Baristas commonly measure out ice using specially marked ice scoops, but if you're asking for light ice, these measurements and exact methods can vary from person to person. Requesting, say, five ice cubes, ensures you get the same amount of ice each time you order. This ordering method, however, does require you to order in person.

Order ice or water on the side at Starbucks

Even though requesting a specific number of ice cubes gives you more control over how much ice goes into your drink, we understand not wanting to be "that" person. As such, a different way to go about ordering your drink is by requesting it without water or ice added so you get more coffee (concentration-wise, anyway). Next, ask for a cup of water or ice on the side, so you can add as much or as little as you'd like.

Of course, you'll need to again account for what water or ice you add, as you don't want to be left with less coffee because you had to dump some out to make room. Simply ask your barista for your drink to be made in a cup of the next size up. For instance, have your tall drink made in a grande cup so you have plenty of room to add water or ice without losing any of that coffee goodness. You're welcome.