Stuffed Turkey Wings Are The Thanksgiving Potluck Dish You Need To Serve

Among all the parts of the turkey served on Thanksgiving Day, the wing is probably one of the most ignored. Thanks to the time needed to cook through other parts of the bird, the wing often becomes a dry husk of its former self before the bird leaves the oven. However, if you treat the turkey wing — especially the flat — as its own ingredient, you can make something tasty such as a stuffed turkey wing, a delicious dish to bring for the big family dinner or "Friendsgiving."

The flats of turkey wings are just like their chicken counterparts, only bigger. It has two bones that are attached at the ends, surrounded by meat and skin. Thanks to its size, you can create a cavity to stuff the turkey wings pretty easily. Simply run a sharp knife close to the bone and follow the bone to create a pocket. Alternatively, you can remove the bone altogether, but you will need a sharp and flexible boning knife and a steady hand.

Stuffing turkey wings

Once a pocket can be created, you can stuff a turkey wing in a variety of ways. For instance, in the below TikTok video, the chef stuffed it with a blend of sausage meats before covering it with veggies and sauces to bake in the oven. However, there are many other alternatives to that recipe. If you want to create an Asian-style stuffing, mix ground pork, garlic, and chopped glass noodles and season the mixture with soy sauce and sesame oil. Deep fry these in oil until fully cooked and you will have a dish that combines crispy skin and tender meat. Serve them alongside some chili sauce.


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For those who prefer their turkey wings with a traditional Thanksgiving flavor, you can use traditional store-bought or homemade dressing. If you have some stale bread at home, you can easily make your own dressing by toasting the seasoned bread cubes in a low oven until they are dried out and firm. Cook the dressing as you normally would with ingredients like chicken broth, onions, and celery, and stuff them into the turkey wings.

Other turkey wing cooking tips

Since turkey wings are usually sold whole alongside the wingtips and drumsticks, you can put them to use in other ways after you use up the flats. The drumettes (the small drumsticks on the end of each wing) can be treated the same way you treat chicken drumettes. Whether you like your wings buffalo style or drenched in a lemon pepper sauce, simply use the drumettes the same way you would a chicken wing, although they might need to be fried or baked longer.

The other component of the turkey wing is the wing tips. Mostly consisting of skin and bones, it is not a particularly edible part, but thanks to its high collagen content, it is perfect to make a flavorful turkey stock. Collect these wing tips alongside other parts of chicken and turkey that you would otherwise throw away in the freezer, and once you have enough of them, roast them in the oven until browned before simmering them in water with aromatic vegetables and herbs. Gently simmer for hours until the bones are stripped bare and the liquid is slightly reduced. Stocks such as this are the foundation of a good gravy, probably the most important condiment on the Thanksgiving table.