Your Air Fryer Is The Key To Unspeakably Delicious Frozen Corn

The air fryer is undoubtedly the trendiest of the cooking appliances these days and for good reason — it seems like there isn't anything it can't do. A tool of convenience, the air fryer acts like a miniature convection oven to cook your food quickly through the circulation of hot air. Because of their small size and speedy cooking time, air fryers also use less energy than many other appliances, making them a more eco-friendly and affordable option. From root vegetables and fresh fruit to rice and meat, you can cook just about everything in your air fryer. But if you're wondering where to start or what to make next, the answer is the food that is a fruit, grain, and vegetable at once: corn. Well, specifically frozen corn.

If you don't already have a package of frozen corn in your freezer, be sure to stock up next time you're at the grocery store. Trust us; you're going to want to eat this over and over, and probably by the bowl full. You'll be amazed at how quickly the cold kernels transform into warm and chewy golden gems packed with sweet flavor.

How to air-fry frozen corn to perfection

To start, place the frozen corn kernels into a colander and use warm water to melt off any icy pieces. Pat the dry with a clean towel, then pour the kernels into a bowl and coat them in melted butter or liquid gold aka ghee (about a teaspoon for every cup of corn). For a dairy-free or vegan alternative, you can use oils such as olive, sunflower, or coconut. Season with salt and spices of your choice.

Transfer the corn directly into the basket of the air fryer without the tray and turn on the heat to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The kernels will take on a toasty color around the edges when they're ready (after about five minutes of cooking) making them a delicious, quick, and inexpensive addition to any meal! A similar method can be used to cook corn on the cob (whether fresh or frozen) but will take a few minutes longer.

Seasonings and ways to serve your air-fried corn

Air-fried corn is absolutely perfect with just salt and butter — reminiscent of summer barbeques and movie theater popcorn — but it's also a great starting point for adding in your other favorite flavors to satisfy any craving. Try a sprinkle of something savory or spicy, like cumin seeds or chili powder, or go for a unique blend of spices, like za'atar or herbs de Provence. For extra powerful flavor, source your spices from companies that provide detailed information about sourcing to demonstrate optimal freshness. There's nothing quite as disappointing as stale, dull spices when you're expecting a party in your mouth.

Whatever seasoning you choose, air-fried corn can easily be enjoyed as countless different side dishes. For something on the lighter side, you can toss it into a salad with lettuce and cherry tomatoes. To make a heartier salad, try it with air-fried bell peppers and beans. As a more substantial main course, air-fried corn can be served in tacos, atop a vegetable-heavy pizza, or in a filling bowl of piping hot ramen.