The Scottish Pub Where You Can Witness Frankenstein Come To Life

A once-abandoned Gothic church sits at the end of the George IV bridge that leads into Edinburgh's medieval Old Town and Royal Mile. An imposing building with a stone façade, pointed arches, and dizzying spires, it has been given new life as a public house — but this is no ordinary Scottish pub. The World-Famous Frankenstein & Bier Keller is both a horror-themed gastropub as well as a German beer hall. Located in the city's trendy historic district, Frankenstein pays homage to its namesake literary monster with an immersive experience that is popular with locals and tourists alike.

First introduced in Mary Shelley's 1818 novel by the same name, the creature known as Frankenstein (yes, we know, Frankenstein is the scientist, not the Monster — tomayto, tomahto) still draws a crowd. Horror movie buffs, goths, and students from the nearby University of Edinburgh all flock to the pub to enjoy its spooky atmosphere, as well as its mixed drinks, food, and dance floor. But the real showstopper happens every couple of hours when a massive, eight-foot-tall animatronic Frankenstein descends from the balcony, appearing to come to life.

The pub's Art Deco-meets-steampunk design has the look and feel of a mad scientist's laboratory, complete with plasma lights, tesla coils, and lightning rods nestled among the intimate booths. Inspired as much by Shelley's original "Frankenstein" story as by the 1931 Universal Monsters film depiction starring Boris Karloff, there are vintage movie posters, creepy accouterments, and Frankenstein's grim visage lurking everywhere, lending the elegant decor a touch of the classic haunted house and an all-year-long Halloween vibe.

Party with a monster at this horror-themed bar

Frankenstein's has three floors within its cavernous interior. The top mezzanine has a spectacular view overlooking the main floor bar below, which — during the day — is filled with tables and serves lunch. At night, the tables make way for dancing, DJs, special events, and high-energy partying. Groups of eight or more can reserve tables that guarantee the best spots for viewing the show.

Approximately once an hour, the spectacle takes place. The DJs stop spinning and the larger-than-life green monster is lowered by chains to the center of the space, accompanied by a sound and light show reminiscent of the lightning storm that originally gave Frankenstein the spark of life. A viral TikTok video shows the creature, still strapped to an operating table, as he sits up and takes his first look around, much to the audience's delight.


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The basement of Frankenstein offers a very different scene. You'll find a traditional German bier keller (beer cellar) — where every day is Oktoberfest. Featuring long, wooden shared tables and a live oompah band, the space can be rented for events and is popular for stag and hen dos (bachelor and bachelorette parties). German and continental draft beers are served by the stein, or you can toss back shots of Jägermeister and Goldschläger. Bavarian foods like Frankie's Furters (bratwurst with sauerkraut), apple strudel, and Black Forest cake round out the authentic Germany via Scotland adventure.

Frighteningly delicious dishes and drinks

Frankenstein hosts a variety of events and is also a performance venue for Edinburgh's Fringe Fest, an annual celebration of arts and culture. Tuesdays at the pub are for Speedquizzing, Wednesdays are student discount nights, and Sundays bring the establishment's infamous karaoke festivities.

As for libations, the bar has nine beers on tap, including Scotland's Innis & Gunn, as well as the house Frankenstein Pilsner. The cocktails stay on theme too with the Espresso Frankentini, the Corpsey Colada, or the Monster, made with three different types of rum, pineapple, and Crème de Banana. The Black Death is made with the unusual craft cocktail ingredient of activated charcoal, inspired by the 1824 Great Fire of Edinburgh.

At some pubs, food is an afterthought (if it's available at all), but the menu at Frankenstein's is loaded with tempting options for a boozy night out. The loaded fries come with toppings like Parmesan and truffle oil, nduja sausage, or smashed avocado, dairy-free cheese, and chili jam. Or choose from stone-baked pizzas, including BBQ chicken, salami Milano, and mushroom with arugula, or the Margherita, both of which can be made vegan. You can also try something completely different with the Great Scot pizza, made with sugo Italian sauce, red onion, chili jam, mozzarella, and haggis, which is a traditional stuffed sheep's stomach pudding that is the national dish of Scotland. Fear not — if you aren't a creature of the night, the pizzas are served all day.