How To Wash A Hydro Flask For Clean Tasting Water

Hydro Flask water bottles are known for their ability to maintain temperatures, ensuring coffee or tea stays hot and water, wine, juices, and other hydrating beverages remain cold, often for extended periods.

Like all water bottles, however, a Hydro Flask must be washed frequently to prevent bacterial growth or corrosion. Often, in this case, means once or twice per week. The easiest way to do this, of course, is via the dishwasher. But for cleaner-tasting water afterward, without a metallic tang, hand washing with a bottle brush may be a better option. The brand actually sells its own bottle brushes for this task, as well as separate straw and lid cleaning sets. But virtually any bottle brush will work, so long as it's clean.

Hydro Flask also sells its own cleaning tablets, which are meant to be paired with warm water, then left to sit for up to half an hour before rinsing. But one needn't source all cleaning supplies from the brand to keep the water bottle in optimal condition, meaning, ideal for fresh-tasting water. White vinegar and lemon juice are also excellent cleaning solutions.

More cleaning tips for your Hydro Flask

For maintenance in the service of fresh-tasting water, begin weekly cleanings by filling the Hydro Flask with a half cup of white vinegar (or alternatively, the juice from half a lemon mixed with warm water). The latter solution should be allowed to stand in the water bottle for up to half an hour, while the vinegar may be poured out after only five minutes of soaking. In either case, use your brush afterward to help rinse it with warm water.

These solutions are satisfactory for regular cleanings, but in the case of coffee stains, a more extreme method is suggested. Create a paste from a few tablespoons of baking soda and water, apply it to your brush, and scrub as needed to remove the stains. When this has been accomplished, rinse the bottle using warm water as you usually would during cleaning.

To prevent coffee stains in the first place, it's always a good idea to thoroughly rinse out the water bottle whenever it has been used for something besides water. The sooner you rinse after use, the better.

How not to clean or store your Hydro Flask

The most difficult parts of the Hydro Flask to clean, naturally, are the cap and straw. The company notes that these pieces, too, may be washed safely in a dishwasher. But there is a potential downside to this convenience, in that dishwasher detergent can remain in hard-to-reach recesses. Obviously, this isn't good for the taste of one's drinks, so hand washing with a bottle brush is recommended for the cleanest, freshest-tasting water.

Harsh cleaning agents like chlorine or bleach should never be used with the Hydro Flask. Instead, stick to simple soap and water or the aforementioned vinegar and lemon juice, and make sure to use the brush to clean hard-to-reach places. Let the pieces air dry naturally afterward.

Proper storage is also important. The Hydro Flask can retain temperatures thanks to its unique design, which showcases vacuum-insulated stainless steel walls. To keep this feature from being compromised, however, it should be noted that the bottle is not freezer-friendly. So it should never be stored there. Just drop in a few ice cubes if you want to cool your drink.