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These stuffed tomatoes are a labor of love, but as they say, Rome wasn't built in a day.

Food writer and cookbook author Eleanora Galasso has a new collection of recipes inspired by the long and storied culinary history of Rome. Take a tour of the old and new, classic and modern, with photos, stories and dishes for every occasion and time of day.

This is Roman street food par excellence, the sort of thing you would get in a rosticceria to take back home or to the office. I like to inject a little fun into the kitchen by taking what was once in vogue and bringing it up to date, and this retro dish is definitely ready for a comeback. I love the way such simple ingredients can turn into something so tasty. Eye-catching red parcels, perfect for a cozy meal in that most exclusive restaurant: your own kitchen.

Reprinted with permission from As the Romans Do