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Chef Floyd Cardoz's perfectly steamed fish needs nothing more than a squeeze of lemon and a good dinner companion.

Renowned Indian-American chef Floyd Cardoz is a master inventor of delicious, vibrant dining experiences. With a restaurant (or two) always in the works, we’re surprised he had time to pen his latest cookbook, Flavorwalla — “flavor seller” in Hindi. Need we say more? Buy the man’s flavor book and whip up his simple, seasonal fare at home.

For this steamed fish dish, don’t use a steamer that has a perforated or otherwise unsealed bottom. You want to preserve all the delicious liquid that the fish and vegetables give off during cooking, and steamers that are perforated or have slatted bottoms would let it all escape.

I like to serve this Chinese-style with the fish, vegetables, and liquid in one bowl and the steamed rice in another bowl, so you can use chopsticks to add as much rice to each bite as you like. Jasmine rice, sticky rice, and basmati rice are all very nice with this. I use a bottle of Sriracha sauce, too, for anyone who wants to add a little kick. If you can’t find good, fresh red snapper, use sea bass, sole, fluke or flounder in its place.

Reprinted with permission from Floyd Cardoz: Flavorwalla