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Overnight marinating makes this ground beef kebab mixture extra tender and flavorful.

Contemporary Pakistani food is a vibrant mix of Arabic, East Asian and Indian flavors that shine in food writer and author Sumayya Usmani’s new cookbook, Summers Under the Tamarind Tree. Beautifully written and photographed, this collection of more than 100 family recipes will inspire you to open up the spice cabinet and make something brand-new.

This recipe comes from one of my oldest friends, Moneeza, and is inspired by her fondest food memory: traveling by a horse-drawn tange (carriage) through the mustard field of Punjab to her home in Attock, where she would be greeted with the intoxicating aromas of her mother’s sizzling chapli kebabs. These flattened kebabs are large — the size of a chapal (slipper) — and come wrapped in newspaper topped with spring onions and garlicky pomegranate chutney.

Reprinted with permission from Summers Under the Tamarind Tree