doughnuts (1)
A little extra effort goes a long way in this rich, buttery brioche doughnut recipe. A little bourbon never hurt, either.

Brendan Collins is executive chef of Birch, Larry’s, and the Corner Door in Los Angeles and just published a spectacular volume of so-called “dude food” that’s so much more than burgers, bacon and beer. Prepare for large volumes of meat, simple and delicious vegetable preparations and superb desserts, like these brioche doughnut holes with a booze-infused glaze — they’re worth the extra effort.  

In my first couple of years out of culinary school, I worked as a commis at Café Royal on Piccadilly Circus, just as a Dunkin’ Donuts was going in a few doors down. I had never had a doughnut before — they are very much an American import — but I quickly learned that doughnuts are something of a perfect food when you are young, broke and working weird hours. I liked them so much that I set to work designing a version that would fit into a restaurant context. This recipe was on the menu at Waterloo & City for most of the time that restaurant was in business due to its tremendous appeal with our diners. It is seriously decadent. Brioche is buttery and rich to begin with, before you go dunking it in hot oil and finishing it with a buttery bourbon glaze.

Reprinted with permission from Cooking, Blokes & Artichokes