Best-selling healthy blogger and cookbook author Kathryne Taylor has a new collection of recipes out that will revitalize your produce game like you never thought possible. Toss aside all preconceived notions of what it means to create a truly satisfying vegetarian meal and pick up this book. Dessert meets breakfast in these delightful carrot cake breakfast cookies. 

Breakfast cookies! Why not? These large breakfast cookies taste like carrot cake and are as hearty as a bran muffin. They include lots of nuts to stick with you for several hours. I prefer quick-cooking oats here because they disappear into the rest of the batter, but offer all of the same health benefits as old-fashioned oats. Cookie loves it when I make these cookies because she gets to eat some of the carrot scraps. I’m convinced that she can hear the vegetable peeler as it cuts through the air on the way toward a carrot. She comes running!

Reprinted with permission from Love Real Food