Are You Really Lactose Intolerant?

If you've never popped a Lactaid pill before digging into macaroni and cheese, this story is probably not for you. If you're lactose intolerant, however, oneĀ Australian milk company believes that it may not actually be lactose you're allergic to.

According to Fast Company, the a2 Milk Company gets its name from the beta-casein protein that's present in their specific brand. The company states that regular milk often contains a different strain of beta-casein protein, A1, that is likely the culpritĀ of indigestion, not lactose.

Fast Company reports that two-thirds of America's dairy cows produce A1, but since milk producers combine milk from a bunch of different herds, everything gets mixed together and your average carton will end up carrying the protein. A2 solves this by only milking A2-producing cows (identified by a simple DNA test). Because of this, the farmers of these herds are paid a premium, making the product as much as $1.50 more per gallon than regular milk.