The new Mr. Potato Head is truer to his ugly produce self. (Photo: Hasbro.)
The new Mr. Potato Head is truer to his ugly-produce self. (Photo: Hasbro.)

We’re in the midst of a toy revolution, people. First there were fuller, realistic Barbie dolls — now there are realistic Mr. Potato Heads!

In sync with the ugly-produce movement, toy company Hasbro has teamed up with British food-waste charity FareShare to create the “Wonky Mr. Potato Head,” according to Hello Giggles. The elongated, lopsided potato–shaped toy is currently available for bidding on eBay with all proceeds going toward FareShare. The current bid (at noon today) is at $313.

With the toy’s new shape, we can all make our Picasso masterpieces even more Picasso-y.