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Pay your parking ticket off with canned foods this season. (Photo: krossbow/Flickr.)

It’s the season of giving, and in one city, if you’re one of the countless lucky — or, rather, unlucky — drivers who has been given a parking citation by your friendly neighborhood meter maid, you can turn that anger into something good.

In Kentucky, the Lexington Parking Authority is taking cans of food as payment for parking tickets over the next month, according to the Lexington Herald-Leader. From November 16 through December 18, drivers can donate ten cans of food for $15 of credit on a ticket as part of the Food for Fines program (most meter citations are $15). The food will be donated to a local food bank.

Entering its second year, the program is also accepting food donations for past-due citations in hopes of garnering more contributions, the parking authority’s executive director, Gary Means, told the Herald-Leader.

“Last year, citizens brought in over 6,200 cans of food as payment for over 600 meter citations,” Means says. “We hope by opening the program up to all types of citations, we’ll see the numbers increase.”

So this season, give a can of food — in lieu of the finger — to the meter maid (if you live in Lexington, anyway).