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Welcome to David Duchovny's latest fantasy: being Russian! Dude, I'd fantasize about being Russian for a well-paying Siberian Crown beer endorsement deal. In this commercial — for a brew one Rate Beer user reviewed as "not Budweiser, fairly thin and generally not remarkable" — Duchovny wonders from the vaguely erotic confines of a space suit if his ancestors had not emigrated from the motherland, what might he have been? Wearer of huge turtlenecks and fur hats? Loser of teeth via hockey sticks? Haver of uncomfortable moments with ballerinas? 

And as promised, highlights from the comments section, poorly or possibly quite accurately translated by Google:

  • "And who does he play? It's WE! they are jealous of us all! and each of us!"
  • "What a nice video, and bad beer!"
  • "You are like a one size fits all veteran actors. Schwarzenegger same cult actor, and as Al Pacino."
  • "I really thought that really wants to say something, and eventually beer."
  • "FBI agent first tries to get into the Russian soul and then offers a drink."
  • "Today, I drink a bottle of anthrax."
  • "I would like that in the end did not have this degeneratskogo beer…" 
  • "A Siberian Crown – ELK URINE!"

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