Wake And Brew And Bake: A Morning 'Pot' Of Coffee Takes On An Entirely New Meaning

In terms of providing a quick boost on a slow morning, coffee is certainly up there on most people's lists. But what if this product high on this lists did exactly that – got you high? You heard that right. Marijuana coffee is now a real thing, expected to hit shelves in the state of Washington (which legalized recreational usage of the drug in 2012) in July.

Wouldn't a cannabis-infused cold brew coffee appear to contradict itself? Maybe not, according to Adam Stites, who developed the product – aptly titled "Legal" – for his company, Mirth Provisions. He describes the buzz that results from consuming the 11.5 ounce bottle as "an alert, creative high." The company's website elaborates on this effect, defining the resulting experience as "a powerful body buzz and a smooth, freeing head high."

Is the world (today Washington, tomorrow the world!) ready for a true wake-and-bake beverage? Are we entering a day and age when it's become acceptable to casually tote a THC-laced drink around the office? We'll stop short of declaring this one a done deal anytime soon, but are pretty convinced that this idea won't lie around in the weeds much longer. The jokes really never get old.

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