Mets fans have had little to cheer about since Citi Field’s opening in 2009. Year after year, the team has struggled to remain competitive past the first couple months of the season, and a downtrodden fan base has become increasingly impatient. At the very least, however, fans have been able to take solace in a bevy of quality food options at their team’s home stadium. And no item shines brighter than the Pat LaFrieda Steak Sandwich, a late 2012 season addition featuring filet mignon, jack cheese, sweet caramelized onions and a secret au jus on a French baguette.

While the Mets have failed until recently to entice any big-name free agents, the team’s partnership with LaFrieda has quickly blossomed. Witness last season’s big offseason acquisition of… Pat LaFrieda’s Chop House, a full-service restaurant in the pricey Delta Club section, serving steaks and sandwiches (a sort of rain delay savior, if you will).

And now, from team camp comes news that LaFrieda Meats has been named the official burger of the Mets. Every concession stand, club and restaurant at Citi Field that serves burgers will use LaFrieda’s original burger blend. In addition, the meat purveyor is opening a meatball slider stand adjacent to the existing steak sandwich venue, dishing out trios of meatballs topped with homemade tomato sauce and whipped ricotta and served on a roll. With yet another long season looming for the Metsies, this may just be the best news their fans have heard since, well, in a long time.

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