Graham Elliot's Signature Burger Toppings Are Fairly Unconventional

"Cooking Like a Master Chef," Graham Elliot's first cookbook, contains the Michelin-star chef's spin on 100 everyday recipes, like Kabocha Squash Soup and Spiced Krispies Treats. In it, he shares his go-to recipe for what he calls the GrahamBurger (because when your name rhymes with ham, that's an opportunity not to be missed).

As a restaurateur and co-host of "MasterChef," you better believe Graham Elliot has got something as basic as a burger recipe nailed down to a science. But there are a million ways to make a burger. And when it comes to Elliot's way of fixing a burger, this classic gets topped off with some not-so-classic ingredients.

It consists of a simple mixed-meat patty stacked with a few toppings that level it up: brie cheese, grilled onions, watercress, and garlic aioli. As Elliot states in the intro to his recipe, "I've had a million burgers in my life, and I'm pretty confident about this one!" A little unconventional, perhaps, but delicious nonetheless.

How to make the GrahamBurger

If you want to find out why Elliot is so confident about this burger, here's how to whip one up for yourself at home. The toppings take the most effort — so you may want to get a head start and prep those ahead of time.

The onions will need to marinate in apple cider vinegar, oil, salt, and pepper for at least 30 minutes (but Elliot says overnight is even better). Those are then grilled alongside the burgers. For the aioli, you'll need to simmer garlic cloves in oil for 20 minutes and then blend the softened garlic with mayonnaise.

The good news is that the burger patty is simple: just a mixture of ground sirloin beef and ground pork with salt and pepper. Once you're ready to cook the burgers, grill them for seven minutes on each side; about three minutes before they're done, top them with a thin slice of brie cheese. Then it's just a matter of assembling: Elliot spreads the garlic aioli on both sides of a pretzel roll, adds the burger, and tops it off with grilled onions and watercress.

More unconventional-yet-delicious burger toppings

Like your burgers somewhat untraditional? There's more where the GrahamBurger came from. There are many ways to build a burger, and sometimes thinking outside the box is the best way to do it. So say goodbye to run-of-the-mill toppings and stack your next burger with these unconventional toppings instead.

For condiments, think beyond mayo, mustard, and ketchup — there's a whole world of sauces and spreads that can take your burger to the next level. Try a jam instead, like bacon, onion, or fig, or a spicy aioli, an herby pesto, or a smoky romesco sauce. And when it comes to cheese, explore the lesser-used varieties like goat cheese, gruyere, feta, or even manchego.

And as for toppings, the world is your oyster. For something tangy, go for kimchi or your favorite pickled veggies. For something sweet, try an apple slaw, peach chutney, or a slice of pineapple. For salty, throw on some seasoned grilled vegetables, potato chips, or capers. And for all of the above, candied jalapenos.