Turn Your Nearly-Empty Jam Jar Into A Cocktail Shaker

Wondering what to do with that nearly-empty jar of jam sitting in the back of your fridge? Strawberry, raspberry, blackberry ... we've all got one in there somewhere. Maybe the jar has just enough jam left that you don't want to toss it, but not quite enough for that next sandwich or scone.

No more throwing perfectly good jam away or forgetting about it until it goes bad. There's a clever hack that can make good use of that sweet, sticky goodness: All you have to do is turn that jam jar into a cocktail shaker.

Just add some ice cubes to the nearly-empty jam jar, pour in your chosen cocktail ingredients, and shake to your heart's content. The remnants of jam will add a natural sweetness and thickness to your drink, keeping your cocktail shaker squeaky clean in the process. It's the jam-jar hack you never knew you needed.

Jam cocktails to make and shake

You may be asking yourself if jam even has a place in a cocktail, but there are plenty of spirits and concoctions that work wonderfully with jam. If you've never tried it as an ingredient, it may be time. If you're feeling adventurous, here are some ideas for your next jammy cocktail.

One spirit that pairs beautifully with jam is gin. To make a gin and jam cocktail, pour some gin and a squeeze of lemon juice into your nearly-empty jar, alongside that last spoonful of jam. The beauty of this one is that you can pretty much use any flavor of jam — or even jelly — that you like. Mixed berry, blackberry, strawberry, or even elderberry will all taste great. If you want something a little more complex, try an Orange Marmalade Cocktail.

More jam cocktail inspiration: If you're a whiskey drinker, try a fig jam cocktail with rye whiskey, lemon juice, fig jam, and optional simple syrup. Shake up a whiskey sour with a dollop of marmalade if that's more your style. If you like bubbles, go for a fizzy jam and prosecco cocktail with vodka, blueberry jam, prosecco, and lemon juice. And if you're a tequila lover, shake your next margarita in your favorite jar of jam.

More things you can do with that empty jam jar

Making a fruity and delicious cocktail isn't the only thing you can do with that nearly-empty jar of jam. No matter the flavor, there are plenty of other ways to use the glass jar and any of its leftover contents. For example, instead of shaking up a cocktail, you can make a jammy salad dressing by adding some oil, vinegar, and mustard to the rest of the jam. Season to taste.

You can also use the jar as a vessel for overnight oats, letting the last bits of jam add to your favorite blend of ingredients and then sticking it in the fridge for a morning treat. Or, you can use the jam that's left to mix up a yummy spread, combining it with ingredients like mayo and chopped chipotle peppers to create a sweet and spicy aioli for sandwiches.

Other things to mix inside your jam jar for a bit of added fruit or sweetness include pancake batter, milkshakes, marinades, and even sparkling water.