Enchilada Sauce Is All You Need To Revamp Fried Eggs

Social media has shown people dozens upon dozens of different ways to cook eggs. From feta-fried eggs to poaching eggs in a microwave to the best way to flip your eggs without breaking the yolk, these methods and more are literally at our fingertips via our trusty smartphones. The unassuming egg has a delicious distinct taste, yet it's also a fairly mild-tasting protein source that is able to work well with other flavors. This couldn't be more true than in enchilada sauce-fried eggs.

Frying eggs in enchilada sauce will give your breakfast an unexpected and very tasty twist. The sauce is traditionally made with dried chilis, tomato, cumin, garlic powder, oregano, onion, and some salt. Eggs take on this rich, Mexican-inspired flavor and develop an appetizing red color that looks smashing when garnished with some sliced green onion or cilantro. All you need to do is heat up your nonstick frying pan with some butter or oil and drop a couple of tablespoons of enchilada sauce in. When the sauce starts to sizzle, crack an egg right on top of the puddle. You can let it cook untouched until the egg whites are set, or you can flip it over to cook the other side. Either way, the eggs will taste amazing.

Plain or adorned, these eggs taste amazing

You can cook up a couple of eggs in enchilada sauce and call it breakfast, but you could also make a wonderful breakfast tostada out of them as well. On a fried corn tortilla, spread some warm refried beans, and shredded Monterey Jack cheese, and top with the eggs. Layer on some sliced avocado and some salsa, and serve with a cup of Mexican hot chocolate. Or make chilaquiles by frying up some sliced corn tortillas and arranging everything on top of them.

The enchilada eggs are fantastic on top of avocado toast. Toast some sourdough bread and top with smashed avocado seasoned with salt. Place the eggs on top and drizzle on a little more enchilada sauce. You could garnish with some pickled red onions for a tangy twist. Another idea is to place the eggs inside a breakfast burrito; fill a large flour tortilla with some crispy potatoes or hash browns, guacamole, cheese, salsa, and two enchilada sauce-fried eggs. When you bite or cut into the burrito, the yolk should ooze out and coat the potatoes. If you like hot sauce, drizzle a bit over each bite you take.

Any sauce-fried eggs will do

If you love spicy Mexican flavors, enchilada sauce isn't your only base option for frying eggs; consider cooking them in Mexican-style chorizo. This style of chorizo is very loose and oily, and when it cooks in a frying pan, it naturally spreads out. As it cooks down, crack the egg on top and let it cook like you would if it was in enchilada sauce. The result will be spicier than the sauce method but will also have a nice tang that comes from the vinegar that's in Mexican chorizo. Put these eggs right on top of some crispy hash browns for a dish that's incredibly delicious.

For something milder, try an amended huevos rancheros recipe and nix the chili peppers. Fry up some onions and garlic, pour in some tomatoes or enchilada sauce, then simmer until thick. Cook your eggs right in the sauce to really infuse the flavor. Fry or toast some corn tortillas, plate them with some refried beans, and serve your eggs and sauce on top. Voila!