New Emojis Coming: Say "Avocado Egg Toast" With Flair!

Great news from Emojipedia for everyone who's ever tried to convey appropriate breakfast enthusiasm and failed! The new emojis hitting your phone on June 31 include enhanced options for all your morning favorites. No longer will you be restricted to fried eggs, with no home fries or pancakes and no way to express breakfast meat except "smiling pig," because a charming little spud, a stack of syrupy flapjacks and two strips of respectably marbled bacon will soon be joining your Recently Used tab.

This update also solves the vexing problem of vague bread. With the addition of croissant and baguette emojis, Europeans, artisanal bakers and carbo-loaders can finally say what they really mean.

We solved the cheese emoji problem ourselves a while back (that wedge of Swiss is impressing nobody), so your bases are covered there. Here are some breakfasts you can now make using emojis:

  • Avocado Toast on a Baguette (watch out for trolls)
  • Maple Bacon Pancakes
  • Bacon Egg and Cheese "Paco"
  • Breakfast Tacos
  • Breakfast Burrito
  • The Best Crispy Fingerling Potatoes Ever
  • But the truth is, we've only been placated. Until we can invite a friend to dollar oyster happy hour, hold down a slice of toast to specify its doneness (or a glass of red wine to turn it white or rosé) and suggest steak tartare for dinner (again, smiling cow kind of falls flat there), there is much work to be done.