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Stop making hard breakfast decisions and go with bacon, egg and cheese paco.

Longtime FR contributor Adeena Sussman has a new cookbook out, and when she launches a book, we go nuts. Cook your way through America’s Best Breakfasts and make sure you stop in Miami for the best pancake breakfast taco you’ve never had. Here’s an excerpt from the book that will appeal to breakfast lovers from all walks of life. 

Crispy bacon, melted cheese, and creamy eggs — all stuffed inside a soft, sweet pancake? This we had to try. We found the FOAR truck early on a Sunday morning, ready to serve their creative offerings to an “enwraptured” (you’ll forgive the pun) audience. Unlike most pancakes, where the batter is gently mixed just until incorporated, these are worked a bit more to develop the gluten, resulting in a sturdier envelope for classic breakfast fillings.

Reprinted with permission from America’s Best Breakfasts