Video: This Is How You Make Your Own Sriracha

In this video from the good people at Food Curated we're introduced to Jolene Collins, the woman behind Love Of Jojo's Sriracha – an Etsy shop with some serious bite based in Brooklyn, NY. She's a serious fan of sriracha, that ubiquitous red pepper sauce found in Thai and Vietnamese restaurants, as well as greasy spoons and college dorm rooms around the land. Try it on eggs, people. Please. Collins and her crew — who resemble slightly more pixieish Zapatista rebels when making the stuff — started Love Of Jojo after Collins decided to take refined sugar out of her diet. The first thing to go was her favorite condiment and the rest is history. "You've getting this fermented chili puree," she says of her sauce that achieves the "full-depth" of chilliness.

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