Video: Eddie Huang And Tom Colicchio Go Fishing For One-Liners

Oct 25, 2012 11:46 am

Tom's new fishing web series is a must-watch

“Rachael Ray or Paula Deen? I’m an ass man, so I’m going Paula Deen.” Chef/TV guy Eddie Huang is on a boat somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean being interviewed by Top Chef judge Tom Colicchio as part of his new Reserve Channel fishing show Hooked Up. It’s a really entertaining exchange — Tom goes all Charlie Rose in pressing Eddie for the deets about his relationship with David Chang, which one would call icy at best. “We go to the same gym — he’s on the stationary bike, I’m lifting weights — and we don’t talk,” he says before picking the McDonald’s McRib over a Momofuku pork bun in a head-to-head challenge. “It’s the unicorn of all food items. It comes once a year.” This is fun. Watch all 23:37 if you are bored at work today. That will end soon.

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