Your Toaster Can Double As A Makeshift Grilled Cheese Press

The stovetop has long been the traditional go-to tool for heating up a simple grilled cheese. But home cooks are increasingly becoming more crafty when it comes to attempting to create the easiest and most crispy cheesy sandwiches, using anything from a waffle iron or panini press to the oven, air fryer, or even a backyard grill to get the job done. Most creative ideas like these work, except perhaps maybe not the way Gordon Ramsay chose to make a grilled cheese over a fire.

But, did you know you can also make your simple ooey-gooey sandwich in a toaster? It's super easy but there are some guidelines. So, don't just shove your cheese-topped bread into the toaster all willy-nilly. And definitely don't think of turning your toaster sideways. Either of those moves can result in the annoyance of a completely cheesy toaster or, much worse, a fiery disaster. Instead, get yourself some toaster bags, slip your cheese sandwich into one, and simply pop it in your toaster like you would a piece of bread.

Why make grilled cheese in your toaster?

Traditionalists may question the idea of toasting a grilled cheese sandwich, but there are a few good reasons to give it a shot. First, it makes cleanup nearly nonexistent. There's no pan or spatula to wash and no crumbs to wipe off the stove. Plus, the toaster bag you'll use will catch any melted cheese, and can easily be rinsed off to use again.

Using a toaster bag also eliminates the need for oil, butter, or mayonnaise since the sandwich won't stick to the surface of the bag. (So, it can save you a few calories, too.) If you're a multitasker, or just plain busy, being able to pop your sandwich into the slot in your toaster means you don't have to babysit it while it's cooking, either.

The bags are also a great hack for anyone who has a hankering for a grilled cheese during the workday. Few offices or other workspaces have a stove (unless you're in a restaurant, obviously), but a toaster may be more commonplace in a shared lunchroom. And even if it isn't already available, a small toaster is easy enough to keep stashed for when you need it.

Some tips to keep in mind for your toaster sandwich

While plenty of reviews of toaster bags on Amazon and Reddit reveal satisfactory results, some people have reported that, sometimes, the bags can burn depending on the toaster's settings. Others have said that it can be a challenge to get the entire sandwich into one slot. So you may need to choose your bread and fillings wisely. For example, standard slices of store-bought bread will likely fit far better than ciabatta or other heartier breads.

Another concern is that you don't get the same flavor that fats like mayo or butter impart in a traditional grilled cheese. However, you can clearly still add them if you like. And, speaking of add-ons: You'll likely need to be mindful about placing other fillings in your toaster grilled cheese since gravity could cause some to drop down once the sandwich is placed upright in the bag, or while cooking.

Finally, you'll probably need to experiment a bit with the temperature to make sure you get just the right level of melty goodness on the inside and crispy texture on the outside. But, even though it may take a little work to find your toaster's grilled cheese sweet spot, this could be sandwich-making timesaver you've always needed.