What Gordon Ramsay Would Eat For His Ideal Last Meal

When Gordon Ramsay sat with chef Josh Scherer from "Mythical Kitchen," the interview revealed a softer side to the ordinarily aggressive and foul-mouthed television personality. Ramsay was asked to share his ideal last meal, and this morbid topic wasn't something the chef liked to discuss.

Although Ramsay's life revolves around food, he noticed that our last meal is generally given through a feeding tube, so he wanted to enjoy an indulgent meal while he could. His last meal was broken into four courses, beginning with a full English breakfast that reminded him of his last meal with his father in Scotland before he passed away.

The first course was headlined with Ramsay's recipe for soft scrambled eggs with shaved winter truffles, a decadent dish that Ramsay commented would make his mum "kick his [arse]" since he grew up poor in government housing. The eggs were accompanied by roasted cherry tomatoes, fried bread, hash browns, and several types of pork, including rashers aka back bacon (a cross between American and Canadian-style bacon that contains pork belly), blood sausages, and bangers (sausages in the States). As is standard with the dish, there was a side of baked beans as well as pan-fried mushrooms.

For the second course, Ramsay requested butter chicken, garlic naan, basmati rice, Buffalo chicken wings and outsourced an In-N-Out Double-Double, animal style. For those unfamiliar with the California burger chain, that's two mustard-cooked burger patties with lettuce, tomato, grilled onions, pickles, and extra sauce on the bun.

Gordon Ramsay's final meal

As Ramsay enjoys the second course, it's apparent that the dishes selected represent pivotal moments in his life. While eating, he recalls the Pakistani kitchen porters who shared their salmon head fish curry during his first restaurant job, and the moment he took a giant leap, asking Marco Pierre White for a job, which changed his career. All of these moments shaped him into the person he is today.

For the third course, Ramsay is served the chef's cut of his recipe for beef Wellington with a gin and tonic. The 90s classic tenderloin is cooked medium rare and is layered with mushroom duxelles (a paste of minced mushrooms, onions, and herbs), prosciutto, chive crepes, and puff pastry. The dish is topped with flaked sea salt and fresh thyme — and is served with a red wine demi glaze. Ramsay laughs, recalling his mum sending the plate back to be cooked further when he cooked at Claridge's. To drink, Ramsay enjoys a Monkey 47 gin and Meditteranean tonic water, served with a lime wheel.

The final course consists of two desserts that juxtapose Scottish desserts. A gorgeous sticky toffee pudding with a vanilla ice cream quenelle (a fancy name for a small, oval-shaped scoop) and a deep-fried Mars bar. Ramsay recalls how the battered and fried Mars bar (similar to Milky Way) became part of the Scottish diet, setting Scottish cuisine back decades, but he felt it was appropriate to have at his last meal.