It's Actually Not That Difficult To Make Avocado Roses

Whether you're thinking of new ways for the camera to eat first or simply looking to practice your knife skills, an avocado rose is a surprisingly easy edible decoration worth mastering. No art degree or chef training required. All you need is a ripe avocado, a good knife from your kitchen arsenal, and a steady hand.

Here's how to make an avocado rose: Thinly slice half a peeled avocado, fan out the pieces into a line, and then gently roll them into a pinwheel shape. Though easier said than done, try to remain patient and precise to make the best possible flower. Your fancy toasts, charcuterie boards, and salads will thank you.

To prepare for the project, pick an avocado that's ripe but still slightly firm. No mushy, guacamole-adjacent specimens, as they'll be tricky to slice and maneuver into place. If the store only carries rock-hard fruit, which will be too inflexible to shape, try sticking avocados in a bag with a banana to speed the ripening process along. And before you get to work, be sure to rub a squeeze of lemon or lime juice on green flesh to keep it from oxidizing after you've peeled it.

Seasoning your avocado roses

From there, the biggest challenge will be deciding how to eat your floral creation. We suggest thinking beyond the breadbox. Use the fruit as a garnish for a poke bowl or a glamorous topping for beans and rice. Top the petals with everything bagel seasoning, fresh herbs, or pickled onions for a more complex flavor. Add drops of olive oil or vinegar, as well, to mimic dew drops.

For a sweeter start to the day, top the avocados with brown sugar to make an unconventional snack. The fruit's creamy texture and neutral taste are a great vehicle for cocoa powder and cinnamon, as well, for a truly lavish breakfast.

And if your first attempt at rolling the rose wasn't a success, don't feel bad. The less successful petals will shine in a smoothie, burrito, or sushi roll. Depending on the size of your leftover pile, you could even whip up a batch of guacamole or vegan chocolate mousse.

Other roses to practice

This easy avocado rose technique works on other fruits and vegetables, so it's a great trick to have in your arsenal. Practice the same slice and roll on apples, cucumbers, radishes, and citrus to cultivate a full flower garden. Have a toothpick on hand, however, to hold firm slices in place. And consider leaving the peels on produce with edible skin — the contrast in colors will make your petals stand out.

If you're struggling to achieve fine, uniform petals, try using a mandoline. Though not a good match for soft avocados, the slicer effortlessly cuts through the flesh of sturdier fruits. The tool allows you to adjust the thickness of your slices, which frees you to experiment with flower shapes. Mandolines are famously sharp, so be careful to protect your fingers as you work.

After you're finished, try dusting the fruit with a spicy lime seasoning like Tajín to ensure the roses taste as good as they look.