The Ultra Crispy Ingredient For Toasty Scrambled Eggs

Eggs and toast are one the most unbeatable duos in the world of breakfast. They just feel right together. The crispy crunch of that buttery piece of toasted bread paired with the smooth creaminess of a mouthful of soft scrambled eggs? It's a one-two punch of perfectly opposing textures that helps so many start their day off deliciously, morning after morning.

So what do you do if you wake up one day only to realize you've finished off that loaf of bread? Or what if you're a huge fan of eggs-on-toast, but you're simply looking to switch up the morning routine? If you're asking these questions, we've got the answer. It's time to flip this beloved combo on its head for a new take on toasty scrambled eggs.

There's just one ingredient necessary to provide the crispy element you crave to your next batch of scrambled eggs: say goodbye to bread and hello to breadcrumbs. Panko breadcrumbs, to be exact, for ultimate crunch level.

How to make breadcrumb scrambled eggs

The best part of this whole thing is that this twist on eggs-and-toast couldn't be easier to make, and it'll take you less time than it does for that slice of wheat or rye to pop out of a toaster.

First, add some trusty butter to your pan over medium heat, just like you would to make your typical scrambled eggs. But before you pour the eggs in, throw a heaping handful of panko breadcrumbs in the pan to toast up (for two eggs, two tablespoons each of butter and breadcrumbs should do the trick). Mix them around a couple of times, and within a minute or so they should be nicely browned and extra crunchy.

From there, you have two choices: you can pour in your whisked eggs in and add your salt, slowly stirring them into a soft scramble that incorporates the crispy breadcrumbs throughout. Or you can put the panko aside, scramble your eggs to your liking in the same pan, and then sprinkle them with the crumbs for the perfect toasty topping.

Mix it up with some flavor variations

Panko breadcrumbs work so well here because they are lighter, dryer, and flakier than your typical breadcrumbs, making them less absorbent to moisture and oils and more likely to sustain that crunchiness. But the beauty of panko is that they're essentially flavorless, so you can spice them up with whatever flavors you desire.

Rather than just butter, salt, and pepper, you can introduce bolder flavors into the mix with your breadcrumbs, toasting some warm or savory spices along with them. This could be anything from cumin seeds or turmeric to chili powder or mustard seeds. And beyond spices and seasonings, you can always throw in additional scramble-friendly ingredients, like mushrooms or grated cheese (think salty, hard cheeses like Parmesan, Pecorino Romano, or Grana Padano).

And if you want to get fancy and level things up with your own homemade breadcrumbs, try tearing a crusty loaf into small pieces (or pulsing it in the food processor), tossing in some garlic, herbs, and olive oil, and crisping them up in the oven to a toasty golden brown before adding them to your scrambled eggs to take them up a notch.