Cannabis Biz Leader Drake Sutton-Shearer Visits Food Republic Today

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Drake Sutton-Shearer is the co-founder of PRØHBTD Media, a company dedicated to creating content in the cannabis world. We chat with him on this episode about the virtues of cooking and drinking with legalized marijuana. We wrap up with comedian Alex Hooper offering tips for traveling with extreme food allergies. But first, the news:

Today's News:

  • Beyoncé announced that she's going vegan. Her fans have followed suit.
  • Merriam-Webster added a slew of culinary terms to its dictionary.
  • Instant Pots have been recalled due to a malfunction that can be a fire hazard.
  • Vice Munchies got itself into hot water when it shared a story from 2014 claiming that Brooklyn barbecue was taking over the world.
  • Buzzfeed is launching a line of Tasty-branded cookware at Walmart.
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