The day has finally arrived! A full 64 years after hosting the nation’s last World Cup in 1950, Brazil is once again set as the stage for the most celebrated sporting tournament in the world. The seleção is ready, the facilities are ready (we think) and millions globally are ready to glue themselves to their television sets for the next month. Of course, it’s also never too early to look ahead to 2016, when the capital city of Rio de Janeiro is playing host to the Summer Olympics. Between these two events and the kitchen mastery of Alex Atala, there has been no better time to pack your bags and head to Brazil.

A significant percentage of the World Cup’s expected three million-plus attendees are expected to travel to the site from countries around the world. With bars and restaurants nationwide certain to be packed with foreigners, there’s bound to be some confusion out there. Unless, of course, you can speak Portuguese like a local. That’s where Food Republic comes in. We’ve compiled a list of 64 words and phrases from the Brazilian culinary world, as well as some basic terms that will help you get around the busy streets of São Paulo and beautiful beaches of Ipanema. Saúde!

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Drinks (Bebidas)

  • Cachaça: A distilled spirit made from sugarcane juice
  • Caipirinha: The national cocktail of Brazil, made with cachaça, sugar and lime
  • Cerveja: Beer
  • Guaraná: A classic Brazilian soft drink
  • Vinho: Wine

Fruits and Juices (Frutas e Sucos)

  • Abacaxi: Pineapple
  • Açaí: A small, purple berry
  • Agua de coco: Coconut water
  • Banana: Banana
  • Carambola: Star fruit
  • Goiaba: Guava
  • Jabuticaba: “Brazilian cherries,” native to the country
  • Laranja: Orange
  • Limonada: Lemonade
  • Maçã: Apple
  • Manga: Mango
  • Maracujá: Passion fruit
  • Melancia: Watermelon
  • Melao: Melon
  • Morango: Strawberry
  • Uva: Grape
  • Vitamina: Fruit smoothie

General Food Terms

  • Açúcar: Sugar
  • Arroz: Rice
  • Cadeira: Chair
  • Colher: Spoon
  • Comer: To eat
  • Feijão: Beans
  • Garfo e faca: Fork and knife
  • Guardanapo: Napkin
  • Mesa: Table
  • Pão: Bread
  • Pão Frances: French roll
  • Sal: Salt

Savories (Salgados)

  • Acarajé: Deep-fried ball of black-eyes peas, usually filled with shrimp and vinaigrette
  • Bauru: Sandwich with roast beef, mozzarella cheese and tomato on a French roll
  • Coxinha: Small fried “raindrops” filled with chicken and a creamy cheese
  • Farofa: Fried cassava flour with egg, bacon and other add-ons
  • Feijoada: Brazil’s national dish, a black bean stew with various types of meats
  • Misto quente: Melted ham and cheese sandwich served on white bread
  • Moqueca de camarão: Shrimp stew cooked in coconut milk and palm oil, traditional to the Northeastern state of Bahia
  • Pão de Queijo: Little rolls of bread with cheese
  • Pastel: Fried empanadas, usually filled with cheese or meat

Sweets (Doces)

  • Bolinho de chuva: “Rain cake.” Little balls of fried dough sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon
  • Bolo de chocolate: Chocolate cake, usually served with a warm chocolate syrup/finishing on top
  • Brigadeiro: Chocolate truffles made with condensed milk instead of cream and covered in chocolate sprinkles
  • Creme de papaya: Papaya blended with vanilla ice cream and topped with cassis liqueur
  • Quindim: A custard dish with baked egg yolks, sugar, and ground coconut flakes

Getting Around

  • Aeroporto: Airport
  • Ate logo: See you soon
  • Banheiro: Bathroom
  • Bom apetite: Enjoy your meal
  • Divirta-se: Have fun!
  • Campeão: Champion
  • Cuidado: Watch out!
  • Futebol: Soccer
  • Meu time ganhou: My team won
  • Obrigado(a): Thank you
  • Oi/bom dia: Hello/good morning
  • Parabéns: Congratulations!
  • Quanto custa: How much does it cost?
  • Quarto: Room
  • Taxi: Taxi
  • Tchau: Good-bye

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