Kickstart This: In The Know With 'How Does It Grow?'

You may know what's in season and have a vague idea of where it comes from, but do you really know how those Brussels sprouts grow? What about the cinnamon you enjoy on your oatmeal every morning? Chickpeas? Anyone? The fact is most of us don't know how our food grows, and we should. Enter How Does It Grow?

The first-of-its-kind video series traces our food from field to fork. Each episode focuses on a different crop — fruits, vegetables and grains — and shows viewers the fields where the food grows, the harvesting process and how they make it to our plates.

Here is where your help is needed: husband and wife team Nicole and Mark Jolly are trying to raise funds, via a Kickstarter campaign, to produce the first six episodes of the series. After season one is complete, they aim to work with foundations and corporate sponsors to produce a second season, then develop books, apps, school curricula and recipes to make this information accessible to all. The duo are veteran journalists and content creators with hundreds of videos under their belts, so prepare for internet video magic.

So far, the Jollys have raised more than $17,000 and have until this Friday, December 6 to reach their goal of $25,000. Check out for more info and donate here.

Find out how mushrooms grow in the first episode of How Does It Grow?[/caption]
Nicole Jolly at a mushroom farm.[/caption]
Cameras take you behind the scenes of agriculture in America.[/caption]

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