Can You Make Your Own Brown Sugar?

You could have SWORN you had brown sugar, but all you see is the white stuff. You know whatever your baking won't be as good if you sub white for brown, but you're way too lazy to hit the supermarket or even go next door to literally borrow a cup of sugar. What to do? Make it yourself? Actually...yeah.

One pantry staple that you should always have because it won't go bad or pretty much ever run out: molasses, that sticky, brown delightfully sweet by-product of sugar refining. And if all the white sugar is missing is that which was refined out, simply stick it back in and boom, brown sugar. Here's how you do it:

Mix one cup of granulated sugar with a teaspoon of molasses and stir gently until the molasses is evenly distributed. This will give whatever you're baking/making that chewy texture and earthy sweetness white sugar can't replicate. That's it, you made brown sugar. Now get cooking!

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