This Is What Fast Food Really Looks Like

We don't think you'll be seeing these photos on McDonald's TV ads any time soon.

We can all admit to hitting up a drive-thru during a summer road trip. And if we were to take McDonald's television advertisements at face value, we'd believe that its products are not terrible for us and can even be somewhat appetizing. Deep down, however, we're all quite aware that fast food is, well, not the best.

Photographer Jon Feinstein is here to confirm just how big of a myth those commercials really are. Gizmodo recently published some of his most revealing works, part of a project that Feinstein undertook because of "the continued complexity of how I and many Americans felt about fast food." Sorted by the amount of fat in each item, the results are downright haunting – some of the patties and hot dogs look inedible. We're left feeling even more nauseated than after watching the 2004 documentary Super Size Me.

People will be quick to say that we have the freedom to put whatever we want in our bodies and point to deeper issues, such as affordability and accessibility. And they'd have legitimate arguments. But this photo series serves as yet another unsettling reminder that things in the food world are not always (anywhere close to) how they are portrayed.

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