Thinking Outside The Quesarito: 5 Hacks For A More Productive Chipotle Experience

Every once in a while the Internet explodes with the uncovering of a secret fast food menu item. The past few years alone have brought us "Monkey-Style" at In-N-Out (pretty much just totally made up), the Cake Batter Frappucino at Starbucks (almond syrup + vanilla syrup FTW) and Pink Starburst smoothies over at Jamba Juice (throw some sherbet in with lemonade and soy milk and you're all set).

But the one that really captured our hearts (and mouths) over at Food Republic was the quesarito. It is basically two foodstuffs in one: a quesadilla serving as the tortilla in a burrito. Here is a nice illustration if you're not following along at home. It just all seems so brilliant. And yet, there really isn't much that's secret about it. Like all of these "secret" items, they're just the result of creative people putting together ingredients that are already in the store. We're creative. We visit Chipotle from time to time. So what's stopping us from creating our own secret Chipotle menu items? NOTHING. NOTHING AT ALL.

I put my chomping hat on and came up with five new secret Chipotle menu items that will fill your belly and blow your mind. If you end up ordering one of these guys, let us know on Twitter @FoodRepublic. ¡Buena suerte!

1. Hidden Tesoro

Tesoro means treasure en Español and this bad boy lives up to its name with a cheesy taquito right in the middle of your burrito. It's essentially a reverse quesarito. Tell your friendly burrito bundler to make a quesadilla with one of their soft-shell taco tortillas (you need it to be smaller than the burrito tortilla) and then roll it up into a tube. Deposit said tube into the middle of your burrito before it gets packed together and boom! You've got a little hidden treasure in every bite.

2. Seven Layer Dip

Heading to a party? Too lazy to stop at a grocery store for chips? No problema. Chipotle's got you, dawg, with some D.I.Y. Seven Layer Dip. Just wander in and ask for a burrito bowl, but tell them you want it constructed in a very special order. From the bottom to the top, here's what you're looking for: beans, cheese, chicken, sour cream, corn (a.k.a. medium salsa), pico de gallo (a.k.a. mild salsa) and guacamole. When they inevitably ask you if you know that guacamole is extra, just smile and give them a hug.

3. Burrducken

It's a bit of a misnomer because there's no duck involved, but like the classic Turducken, this is meat shoved inside meat shoved inside meat. Start with a carnitas taco, which will serve as the filling inside a very slim steak burrito. Go easy on the toppings for that one or you won't get to the third layer. Once your mini-burrito is constructed, use that as the main filling for a chicken burrito. That's three beautiful layers of burrito goodness all in one.

4. Chili

I'll admit, I'm stretching a little here. Chili IS possible, though. You start out with double beans. That means either double black, double pinto or one of each. Top that with some barbacoa, a little green tomatillo salsa for extra spice, and then finish it off with a dollop of sour cream and a handful of cheese. Bonus points if you can get them to separate out some red onions from the fajita vegetable mix for you. It's chili! Kind of...

5. Philly Cheesearito

I love the idea of this one, despite not being anywhere close to authentic. Like the quesarito, you start with a quesadilla and then pull that sucker open so the gooey, melty cheese is exposed to the outside world. Next, add in some steak, fajita vegetables and more cheese. Roll that sucker up and you've got a Philly Cheesearito. For the finishing touch, yell at your nearest professional sports team. It's just like being in Philly, right?

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