Watch The How To Gut A Fish Video From Alain Ducasse's New App

Do you know how to gut a fish? It's an essential technique for an aspiring chef, and it's one of the 100+ video tips featured on Alain Ducasse's My Culinary Encyclopedia app for iPad. The recently released app from the legendary French chef and restaurateur also features 250 recipes, and, this being a Ducasse project, the recipes are broken down into helpful, chef-friendly categories like cuisine types (e.g. gastronomy, Mediterranean) and product groups (vegetables, grains & cereals, sea and land). The app is pricey, but this isn't "Cooking for Dummies"; it's equipped with instruction meant to move the committed home cook into chef-like territory — or even to help professional chefs hone their skills — as well as customizable recipe building and shopping lists that can be sent to your phone. And, as this exclusive video clip of how to gut a fish (for a fish soup) illustrates, the app is executed with Ducasse's eye for elegance and practicality.

My Culinary Encyclopedia By Alain Ducasse, $33.99, available from iTunes

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