New Recipes This Week: BBQ Wings, Ice Cream Pie, Glazed Squab

This week was a great example of how we handle recipes here at Food Republic. Just as soon as we finished balsamic-glazing an obscure little game bird we thought: hey, what if you poked a hole in a Belgian waffle and fried an egg in there? Maybe some sausage on the side? Hell yeah. We froze a beautiful piece of blue cheese to shave over a classic Italian salad, awesome cheese hack-style and then thought: hey, football. Wings. BBQ wings.

That's because it's not all about the classed-up junk food or the art of crushing a clementine to adorn your obscure little game bird (which is very much worth the extra effort, by the way). It's about finding a balance right smack in the middle. It was a good recipe week.

Check out what we added to the Recipes section this week.