What Is A Finger Lime?

What looks like a cross between a snap pea pod and a lime and contains "citrus caviar?" That would be the humble finger lime.

Rather than containing the pyriform or pear-shaped sections that comprise the flesh of citrus fruits, finger limes range in color from dark green to pink and have tiny spherical sections that easily pop apart and out when the limes are sliced. They have a milder, sweeter flavor than their conventional counterparts, with a slightly crunchy texture that "pops" with flavor, not unlike caviar. Just don't try to juice one. And don't try to find one outside a specialty store — they're hard to track down! Live in a Fresh Direct city? You're in luck, they stock them.

Want to use this crazy ingredient to the best of its potential? Add a few limes' worth to your next batch of scallop tartare or other fish dish that can always use an extra burst of sweet citrus flavor, like ceviche.