All Asada Aside: In Praise Of The Vegetarian Burrito

Something weird is happening. The more Meatless Mondays I observe (10 months strong), the more I'm starting to prefer certain things without meat — and I have always been a proud carnivore. Friday night I made a quick tomato sauce of farmers market heirlooms, anchovies, chopped kalamata olives, basil and chili flakes for bucatini. It was only when I was tossing pasta with sauce I realized there was no meat component to my dinner ('chovies don't count), and didn't flinch.

Then Saturday rolled around. I hung my Meatopia pass proudly around my neck and prepared to board the bus to Randall's Island for the second weekend in a row. But it was raining soooo haaaard. And I only had a little foldy umbrella. And...I wasn't sure if I wanted to eat all that delicious, delicious meat anyway. Oh my god meat is so delicious, especially Meatopia meat. Instead I opted for Mexican take-out. I ordered a vegetarian burrito because I was super in the mood for guac, plus rice and beans and chips and salsa. No meat, totally unintentionally. I didn't even think twice. It was super-satisfying, and even after all that food I wasn't a sleepy mess. I went right out.

Last night I decided, definitively, that I was ready for animal protein. What I ended up eating was a really huge heirloom tomato sandwich with tons of thick-sliced sharp cheddar, dill pickles, cilantro and a little mayo. I didn't have any animal protein in the fridge and was not about to go procure some. The craving just wasn't going to get me down four flights of stairs and back up again. And I now trust I can feel and stay full without meat.

But that burrito was crazy good. And I unabashedly love carnitas burritos, specifically the ones from the taco truck at the USC Trojans' practice field behind the journalism school. But it's Fashion Week, which requires a lot of energy to power through. Mine came from that veggie burrito (which not everyone out Saturday could say in all good faith). Tonight's another long one. I'm going to test that theory again, but with extra hot sauce. Good for the metabolism.

Tomorrow: I eat a Kyochon 20-piece. Maybe.

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