Chicken Sandwich: Fried And True

Here's your task: Find an awesome fried chicken sandwich that didn't come from a fast-food chain. It can't be a patty, it has to have been a whole piece of chicken in the recent past. It must be fried. It can be double-fried. It can be Korean-fried (by the way, if you haven't had Korean fried chicken, you haven't lived), chicken-fried, oven-fried, pan-fried, battered, breaded or spicy. The tenderizing properties of a buttermilk soak may come into play. Bun, roll, bread, flatbread or wrap: These are all elements we have no control over, the power is yours alone.

Home for lunch? Our easy chicken tenders recipe makes a killer sandwich, especially smeared with homemade pesto mayonnaise. A chicken parm sub counts, as it features (honors, really) a fried chicken breast. And if you're a wing man, so long as your chicken is in close proximity to a biscuit, we'll let your contrarianism slide this time.